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Sound Shapes DLCs - Walkthrough | Trophy Guide | Achievement Guide - Part 2

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Sound Shapes DLCs - Walkthrough | Trophy Guide | Achievement Guide

Part 2 - DLCs: Dubstep, Old School, Vocoder, Brass, Hohokum, Future Funk

Difficulty: 3/10

Duration: 10-15 hours Offline trophies: All Online trophies: None

DLC: 11 Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 Number of missable trophies: None




Trophy Guide | Achievement Guide

Dubstep Sound Pack Beat School: Dubstep Drum Practice Complete the Beat School level.

Beat School: Synth Grime Complete the Beat School level.

Beat School: Filthy Bass Monster Complete the Beat School level.

Beat School: Half-Time Drum Loops Complete the Beat School level.

Beat School: All You Need is Wub Complete the Beat School level.

Old School Sound Pack Beat School: A Funky Introduction Get started with this simple bass loop!

Beat School: The Five Elements Who got the jazz? Add some horns to your beat!

Beat School: On the One's and Two's Checka-checka-check out the scratch routine!

Beat School: The Drummer Gets Wicked Cut and paste drums to make your own breakbeat!

Beat School: Loop Jugglin' Ultimate hip hop loop builder - word to your moms!

Vocoder Sound Pack Beat School: Does Not Compute Start with the basics, countdown like a robot!

Beat School: Artificial Ah Yeah! Robot feels good!

Beat School: Word to Your Motherboard Dance, funk, rock and house. You will master all the robotic styles.

Beat School: Text to Speech How could we resist? Shout out Sound Shapes with this unique beat.

Beat School: Machine Language Twist synthetic singing around to make your own vocal line!

Beat School: Blow Your Own Horn Learn the brass basics by constructing this simple trumpet loop.

Beat School: Battle of the Saxes Practice your sax skills by creating this cool phrase.

Beat School: Triumph Horns A few notes with a huge result!

Beat School: Jazz Hands Swing to the beat of the cool jazzy brass riff!

Beat School: Brass Knuckles Put up yer dukes, and make a funky horn loop!

Hohokum Art and Sound Pack Hohokum Remix: Bass Build your own bassline from this pulse.

Hohokum Remix: Drum Kit Can you use these dreamy drums to make a beat?

Hohokum Remix: Drum Loops Rearrange the drum loops to make something fresh!

Hohokum Remix: Guitar Loops Sculpt these ethereal guitar and bass melodies.

Hohokum Remix: Synth Loops Complete the mix with a splash of analog electronics.

Future Funk 3000 Sound Pack Beat School: 3001 A Bass Odyssey Take this bassline for a spin around the galaxy!

Beat School: Interstellar Funkonauts May the funk be with you.

Beat School: Something Smells Funky in Here! Time to do the funky laundry!

Beat School: Mission to Planet Drums 3, 2, 1... funk off!

Beat School: Set Phasers to 'Funk' When the mothership is under attack, fight back with a funky loop.


Trophy Roadmap

Beat School X5 for each 11 DLCs

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