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Far Cry 4 - Walkthrough | Trophy Guide | Achievement Guide - Part 2

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Far Cry 4 - Walkthrough | Trophy Guide | Achievement Guide

Part 2 - Campaign + Side Quests: Longinus, Hurk, Yogi and Reggie, Shangri-La

Difficulty: 2/10

Duration: 25 hours + 5 hours for DLC Offline trophies: 47 + 7 trophies from DLC Online trophies: 4

DLC: 1 (1/10 difficulty) Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 + 1 in DLC Number of missable trophies: None, Free Roam available







Sabal Propaganda Machine

Amita The Wolve's Den

Longinus Return To Sender

Hostage Negotiation

Act One

Amita Hunt Or Be Hunted


Sabal A Cultural Exchange

Longinus Sermon On The Mount

Amita Reclamation

Yogi and Reggie The Mouth Of Madness

Yogi & Reggie The Protector's Arrival

Amita The Sleeping Saints

Noore City Of Pain

Amita Advanced Chemistry

Golden Path Shoot The Messenger

Willis Free Willis

Willis Kill Or Be Killed

Willis Death From Above

Don't Look Down

Amita A Key To The North

Amita Truth & Justice

Golden Path Payback

Amita Culture Wars

Amita The Valley Of Death

Amita Kill Sabal

Golden Path Ashes To Ashes

The King Is Dead

Amita Epilogue



A Short Hunt


A High Price

A Final Penance




Speak No Evil

Call Of The Wild

A Familiar Feeling


Yogi and Reggie

Lost & Confused

The Burning Forest

Naked & Screaming

Fly Or Die Trying



The Rakshasa

The Surrender To Paradise

The Paradise Destroyed

The Unpainted Future

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