Moons of Madness - Walkthrough | Trophy Guide | Achievement Guide

Updated: Nov 10

Moons of Madness - Walkthrough | Trophy Guide | Achievement Guide

Difficulty: 2/10

Duration: 4 hours Offline trophies: All Online trophies: None

DLC: None Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 + quit and reload during the credits for the 2nd ending Number of missable trophies: 2

Trophy Guide | Achievement Guide


Earned all trophies.

Moons of Madness is an easy game in terms of trophies since most of the trophies are story related and cannot be missed:

  • Complete the game and choose 1 ending

  • During the credits, quit the game, continue the save game and choose the other ending

  • During Chapter 1, in the basement section, you will find an electric cable in water near the chemical periodic table. Step into the water so you can die.

Check the video below for a complete walkthrough with all the trophies completed in a single playthrough.

Rude Awakening - Story

Wake from nightmare

Obtained during the story.

Going Green - Story

Bring solar array online

Obtained during the story.

Red, Yellow, Blue - Story

Fix the reclaimer

Obtained during the story.

Tunnel Rat - Story