Darts - Walkthrough | Trophy Guide | Achievement Guide

Updated: Nov 10

Darts - Walkthrough | Trophy Guide | Achievement Guide

Difficulty: 2/10

Duration: 45 minutes Offline trophies: All Online trophies: None

DLC: None Minimum number of playthroughs: 3 games Number of missable trophies: 0

Trophy Guide | Achievement Guide

Darts is an easy game in terms of trophies, but sometimes the shooting feels random:

  • Lose a game

  • Win a game

  • Hit double ring, triple ring, outer bullseye, inner bullseye



Just win your first game. Very easy to do it.



I find it very hard to lose so i kept hitting the wall so i won't lower my score.

Double Ring

Get Double Ring

Hit the double ring.

Triple Ring

Get Triple Ring

Hit the trople ring

Outer Bullseye

Get Outer Bullseye