Aircraft Evolution - Walkthrough | Trophy Guide | Achievement Guide

Updated: Nov 10

Aircraft Evolution - Walkthrough | Trophy Guide | Achievement Guide

Difficulty: 2/10

Duration: 2 hours Offline trophies: All Online trophies: None

DLC: None Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 + some replay for kill trophies Number of missable trophies: None, because of the chapter select

Trophy Guide | Achievement Guide

Aircraft Evolution Platinum

Good job! Completed all tasks!

Check the video from below for a complete walkthrough in which you can obtain platinum from the first run.

This is a very easy game which pose a little challenge, just focus on completing the level 40.

Tips for the game:

  • upgrade only the speed for the first plane

  • Buy only the planes from levels: 12, 21, 30

  • Stack up on cluster bombs

  • Fully upgrade the level 30 plane

  • Keep replaying level 28 for 500 tank kills

Tank slayer - Missable

Destroy 500 tanks

I could not get 500 tanks destroyed until end of the game.

Keep replaying mission 28 to get this trophy.

Warrior of the Sky - Story

Destroy 200 aircrafts

You should unlock this trophy in Era 2.

Demolisher - Story

Destroy 200 buildings