Storm Boy - Walkthrough | Trophy Guide | Achievement Guide

Updated: Nov 10

Storm Boy - Walkthrough | Trophy Guide | Achievement Guide

Difficulty: 1/10

Duration: 18 minutes Offline trophies: All Online trophies: None

DLC: None Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 + few seconds of replay for each 9 minigames from remember menu Number of missable trophies: 0 because you have the remember menu

Trophy Guide | Achievement Guide

Storm Boy

Get all other Trophies in Storm Boy

Storm Boy is a short and easy game in terms of trophies but speaking about the story this game is really good but very sad at the same time:

  • It has 9 minigames

  • 2 of these minigames have 2 trophies in each of it

  • 6 minigames have 1 trophy for each

  • 1 minigame doesn't have any trophy

  • After completing the game, you have the remember menu which you need to quickly start each minigame for the last trophy

Check the video from below for a complete walkthrough with all the trophies obtained.

Hangry Birds

Have all 3 Pelicans get angry during the Feeding Mini-Game

This is the 3rd minigame.

Keep throwing fish to the same pelican until the other 2 shake their heads.

Then throw fish to one of the other 2 pelicans until the first pelicans also shake his head.

Our Hero

Save the Sailors from a Sinking Ship

This is the 8th minigame.

Try to reach the ship.

Even if you lose, keep pressing retry and do not skip it.