Sonar Beat - Walkthrough | Trophy Guide | Achievement Guide

Updated: Nov 18

Sonar Beat - Walkthrough | Trophy Guide | Achievement Guide

Difficulty: 6/10

Duration: 4 hours and 30 minutes

Offline trophies: All

Online trophies: None

DLC: None

Minimum number of playthroughs: 12 songs + 1 replay of a completed song + 5 replays of the same song

Number of missable trophies: 1

Number of trophies that would require long backtrack or replay in case you missed them: 6

Trophy Guide | Achievement Guide


Obtain all trophies

Sonar Beat is a music rhythm game quite challenging in terms of gameplay but with a straightforward trophy list:

  • First of all, game is controlled using cross and square, which makes this game quite hard to finish. I would advise you assign cross button to R1 button and square button to either L1 or R2 (i preferred L1) from the console menu, then start the game (with the R1 button). Thank you Smashero for this suggestion.

  • After too many retries (around 5), the game will remain stuck on the loading screen. Close it and try to reopen it. If you get a black screen, then restart the console and open the game 2 more times (the first time after restarting you will get again black screen). I wasted a lot of time restarting the console and trying to enter in the game. Sometimes it took even 3 or 4 consoles restarts.

  • First of all, play the tutorial from the options menu to understand how to play the game, else you will die a lot. A small tip, reaching a streak of 100 will give you another shield.

  • You have to complete 12 songs, each 4 songs they increase in difficulty.

  • There is a missable trophy, to finish 2 songs with a single life, I would recommend you try this with the first 4 songs. I got it with High Tide and As the Crow Flies songs.

  • Another hard trophy is to finish a level without getting hit. I got this in Bale Out song.

  • The trophies which require to beat a specific number of enemies will come naturally until you reach the middle of the game, since at the beginning you will die a lot.

  • The trophies which require to die, will also come naturally. You might also get replay a song 5 times naturally since you will die a lot during songs.

  • Do not also forget to replay a song that you already completed. I had troubles unlocking this trophy. I replayed High Tide, As the Crow Flies and Bale Out and it didn't give it to me until i replayed Adrift.

  • For reaching a streak of 300, I used the song As the Crow Flies. While going for 300 streak you will also get the multiplier trophies. Thank you Getsuoni and Smashero for recommending me this song.

  • There is one more specific trophy, to don't attack until the first enemy reaches the inner circle. I tried this trophy on As the Crow Flies, and it didn't unlock. Again, I was able to unlock it on the Adrift song.

Stairway To Heaven

Reach a multiplier of x4

This might come naturally while playing songs.

You need to reach streak 100.

I unlocked this during song High Tide.

Rolling In The Deep

Reach a streak of 300